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YouTube Struggling for Making Better Advertisement Approach

programmatic preroll adverts

YouTube has doubled-up the pre-roll ads from now. An old concern of YouTube to make ad experience better for its viewers has concluded that cutting off the numbers of interruption will be the smart approach towards advertisements. Viewers do not often like interruption when one is browsing something, so YouTube has tried to sort this issue by making interruption rate short while showing two ads in sequence from now on. The replication of TV online becomes one step forward by showing back to back ads before any media presentation. Other than this it seems to be a more appropriate approach from a viewer’s perspective. 

One of the video sites named as ad pods allows the user to choose from the options that when would user will like to see advertisements. Ad-pods are considered to make more user-friendly environment as well as provides more controls in user’s hand. Perhaps, all videos of YouTube will not come with ad pod since there are numbers of dependencies on a variety of factors. 

YouTube is speaking about improving frequency and reach so that brands can hit more audience with complete regularity. Along with these approaches towards advertisements, YouTube has an audience that is sensitive to commercials, interruptions and period of them. Facebook owner, Mark Zuckerberg was against showing pre-roll videos ads till last year, but he changed his mind due to some major facts and standards. On every digital platform, viewers always resist commercial breaks and advertisement in between or before and video. Nail puts a point that "The question is can YouTube pummel people into submission to accept ads in places they don't want, Or will consumers rebel?" 

This confusion will take long to be resolved whereas, YouTube is most likely to continue its research and introducing new ideas for keeping things in balance.