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Mobile Assistants in Artificial Intelligence

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Mobile assistants often called mobile robots are being used widely in today's world. It is an approach of artificial intelligence which is continuously putting efforts on making machines smart enough to work for human and integrate the manual efforts. These assistants can work for human as an assistant and perform some generic tasks by taking human instructions. There are numbers of processes and researches behind this approach while the area of artificial intelligence is still evolving. Recently, google assistant has achieved another level of making these machines smarter.

Google assistant was able to book an appointment for its user while it was understanding and responding to human just like another human. It is considered to be a great success in an area of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The term machine learning refers to the scenario where a machine learns themselves with an environment without the need of any particular data feeding. The machine would itself picks up the data and utilize it where needed. It sounds fascinating whereas numerous scientists are giving it their days and nights. Artificial intelligence is way too vast and requires diverse knowledge. It includes study of human brain, a study of machines, study of technology and many more but whenever it achieves any goal, it is always admired by whole world.

Coming back to mobile assistants, we commonly ask Siri and Google assistant numbers of questions on a regular basis while there are numbers of processes that are running behind. For the first note, it has a diverse database which works for answering general questions of users. It fetches questions from one array and process and understands it then fetch the answer from the other one or perform an operation according to the data it has and instructions it understands. Certainly, there are still many points where it needs to improve, but its evolution rate will probably break the ice soon.