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Artificial intelligence is evolving at a fast rate; the best innovation approaches includes mobile assistants in cellular devices while performing small tasks by listening to the user’s instructions.

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By Author CWS | Dec 18 2018 04:00

A/B testing is a testing approach of mobile applications which can be considered useful for developers to test the different parameters of the applications’ code allows developers to test any type of customization.

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By Author CWS | Oct 15 2018 06:00

Instagram web application now notifies the users about the updates just like a mobile application. The major idea is to make users familiar with web application by eliminating the difference in mobile and web application.

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By Author CWS | Oct 10 2018 06:00

Outlook mobile application for iOS will be receiving major changes from the new year. It will follow the blue theme and different changes in appearance whereas functionalities will be upgraded as well.

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By Author CWS | Oct 09 2018 11:00

Oculus is now presenting 2D and 3D hybrid applications which will provide more advanced features of designing products as well as it will provide a more efficient environment to the gamers.

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By Author CWS | Oct 09 2018 01:00