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Tokyo Has Decided Their Logo for NBC Olympics 2020

tokyo olympics logo

New logo for NBC Olympic Tokyo 2020 is out in market already. A logo is designed simple yet attractive which is fulfilling all areas of a professional and interactive logo. Being more specific Tokyo 2020 is written between two iconic figures of Olympic rings and NBC peacock. It particularly shows respect towards Japanese culture with the enthusiasm of new and fresh competition and excitements. Olympics has always been a platform which recognizes talents and hard work of players, so their logos are also always designed to keep moto in mind, however, this time, a logo is also focused on Japanese culture. Art director of NBC Olympics David Barton addressed “Our branding goal was to develop a Logo that honored the rich culture of Japan, while also exploring the vibrant union of art, technology, fashion and pop culture that defines Tokyo today, The design of the word 'Tokyo' is bold and fluid, illustrating with each character the dynamic movement of an Olympic athlete with a subtle reference to the distinct line forms of the Japanese written language."

It took a lot of efforts to create a logo with that much of versatile nature whereas this initial step has already shown the positive attitude of Tokyo towards the Olympics already. They will probably come up with a great arrangement in 2020 as they believe in being proactive, advanced and respective towards every event.