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Halloween is coming soon, and it has shaded nations who praise it with loaded energies and enthusiasm. Alongside these festivals, technical world commends it with giving markdown offers of discount to make it more exciting.

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By Author CWS | Oct 30 2018 04:00

Facebook has been facing a flood of different opinions in a form of posts due to recent midterm election of the US. Some of the pages were blocked in this meantime because of their inappropriate content.

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By Author CWS | Oct 27 2018 03:00

We see hashtags in usual posts on social media these days whereas these hashtags have a tendency to raise your marketing approach following effective ways of online brand strategy to another level.

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By Author CWS | Oct 26 2018 04:00

Recently, an integration on a platform of Shopify is announced which addresses numbers of different or it will more feasible to call them advanced features in order to make an approach of online shopping more efficient.

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By Author CWS | Oct 16 2018 01:00

A/B testing is a testing approach of mobile applications which can be considered useful for developers to test the different parameters of the applications’ code allows developers to test any type of customization.

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By Author CWS | Oct 15 2018 06:00